Collection: Leather wallet

Elegant and high-quality leather wallets with innovative design

A leather wallet from Jaimie Jacobs is a great way to keep your money and important items like credit cards safe and practical without sacrificing aesthetics and style. Our leather wallets are durable and very high quality. We offer a range of sizes, styles, and features in our leather wallets. We also emphasize innovation in all our products - including our leather wallets. For example, the way we store notes in our Flap Boy or the minimalist design of our Nano wallets is correspondingly unusual but very functional.

Classic material united with innovative and functional design

Our leather wallets come in different sizes, from small to large. If you plan to carry a lot of things, choose a larger size. If you only need to carry a few things, a smaller size will do, such as our Nano leather wallets. Our leather wallets have extra features like an integrated money clip or a pocket for an AirTag. Secure strap-based storage of notes without a pocket is also a key aspect of one of our product ranges.

Leather wallets made from the best materials and craftsmanship

In terms of style, our wallets keep a stylish low profile and make an impact through elegance, high quality, and simplicity. The high quality in material and workmanship is noticeable on the outside. We select the best skins for our products in direct cooperation with Italian tanneries of small and medium-size and also trust only long-standing, well-known and local fine tailors in the production. Direct contact with our partners and customers is close to our hearts, also in order to ideally design our leather wallets and to open up new innovations.

A leather wallet for everyday use and for special occasions

Our leather wallets are universal and suitable for every occasion and every everyday situation: innovation as well as a sense of style at every moment, without having to make any compromises in terms of security and practicality - that is what distinguishes our leather wallets.