Designed in Munich - Handmade in the EU

We believe that it's the small things and everyday moments in life that make us truly happy. In everything we do we aspire to make those small things and moments extra special and enjoyable.

We are focused on making products with unexpected and clever features, that are beautifully hand-crafted out of the best materials and focused on making life more exciting, convenient and just more fun.

In pursuit of our mission we started by manufacturing wallets. Our intermediate-term goal is to offer a wallet for every moment and occasion in life - from business meetings over partying to outdoor activities.

Using your wallet should be fun. Our design is focused to promote features that make using your wallet more special, more enjoyable and at the same time more convenient.

We believe that your wallet is a very special item carrying your spending power and personal documents. In order to account for the importance of those items quality is a paramount factor for us. Your valuables deserve a very special place. Hence, all our wallets are handmade and we double check every single detail meticulously. For our wallets we only use the best materials out there. Our premium leathers and the superior workmanship will give you the ultimate feeling of comfort and security every time you slip out your wallet.

Our products are designed in Munich by a small design team of highly skilled problem solvers. We are constantly working on ideas for new clever products.

Personal contact is crucial for us. Hence we only collaborate with a few European leather manufactories which are quickly reachable by car from Munich. For us it was important to find small craft businesses that were willing to work exclusively for us. In the last couple of years we have been able to find such partners and to establish very tight, almost family like business relationships. For us it has always been and it still is paramount that we are creating mutually beneficial partnerships. In this way we are not only receiving the best handcrafted product quality but we also ensuring fair working conditions and fair wages.

When it is comes to the cow-hides for our products three things are paramount for us: Quality, ecology and fair labour.
This is why we source our leathers exclusively from a few small to medium sized Italian tanneries. With those tanneries we work very closely together and have established tight business relationships. In this way we can ensure our three objectives.
Firstly, quality: We have access to the best raw materials. Together with the tanneries we pick only the highest quality hides for the tanning process.
Secondly, ecology: We decide on the applied tanning process. Almost all of our leathers are tanned without the usage of chemicals like chrome. This is not only beneficial for the environment but also delivers more vivid leathers.
Thirdly, fair labour: We are regularly visiting the tanneries ensuring that the working conditions at those tanneries are fair and are meeting European standards.

For all of our products, the topic of sustainability plays a decisive role right from the drawing board. This is also the reason why we obtain the materials for our products from European manufacturers, mainly from Germany, Holland, and Italy. In this way, we can ensure that the applicable environmental and labor regulations are complied with.

We also offer a vegan alternative for most of our products. We use leather imitation for our vegan products - no animal substances are used. Our vegan leather imitation can hardly be distinguished from real leather and has the additional advantage that it is significantly more scratch-resistant than real leather.

All of our packaging, i.e. our product packaging and shipping packaging, is FSC® certified. The FSC® seal stands for “Forest Stewardship Council®” and ensures that the material in our packaging comes from forests that are managed sustainably, responsibly and in harmony with nature. (Our license number is FSC® N003678).

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