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Leather wallet for men with coin pocket

Discover our large selection of men's wallets with a coin compartment. The coin compartment is on the outside of all wallets. Our wallets have either a classic coin compartment or a coin compartment in the Viennese box style. The Vienna box-style coin compartment offers space for a large number of coins and also has the advantage that the coin compartment is very clearly organised and you can easily find the coins you are looking for. Wallets with a classic coin compartment are the Slimstar and the Flapstar. The Flap Boy and the Folder Boy are wallets with a coin compartment in the style of the Vienna Box. All our wallets with a coin compartment are also available in the Apple AirTag edition. This means that there is an extra compartment in the coin pocket for an Apple AirTag. This means you can always see where your wallet is on your iPhone and even have it play a sound. All our men's wallets with coin compartment are handmade in the EU and are available in different leather colours.

Jaimie Jacobs Geldbeutel Flap Boy XL AirTag-Edition - Magic Wallet with Coin Pocket jamy jamie jami jakobs
flap boy jaimie jacobs großes münzfach
slimstar coin pocket jaimie jacobs